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The ResolutionKeeper is a small program, for Windows 2000 and Windows XP it enables several users on one PC to use different screen resolutions.

This program is Freeware, in other words it does not cost a cent.

If you have further questions or notes to this program do not hesitate and write me an email.

Martin Richter WWJD
December 2002


Description of the ResolutionKeeper

With the ResolutionKeeper you can set the screen resolution under Windows XP or Windows 2000 in a simple way that it will be reset to your settings upon every logon or upon a fast user switch (only XP). Every user can use his individual resolution. When desired the ResolutionKeeper will also keep and restore the positions of all symbols of your desktop.

The ResolutionKeeper makes it possible thereby, that all users on one PC work with different screen resolutions without tiring and complicate use and readjustment via the System Settings.

Upon the first start of the ResolutionKeeper an information text and this documentation are offered to you. This appears only once with the first program start or with a version change.

Adjusting the colour depth, screen frequency and resolution must be not further explained. It works conform to the Screen properties of your Windows system.



Copy the ResolutionKeeper into a directory of your choice and start it. Choose the desired settings clicking on the OK button. That is already all. The ResolutionKeeper will perform its work in the background.

Please note that installation and/or after you made settings, that causes the ResolutionKeeper to be loaded automatically, this file can longer be moved and/or deleted, since Windows locks this file as long as it is executed.

The ResolutionKeeper does not care about the settings you will make in the Screen properties of the Windows system. Only the settings the ResolutionKeeper saved in the registry are used to set or restored the screen resolution.

The settings of the ResolutionKeeper are saved below the registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MR Software\ResolutionKeeper


Uninstalling / permanent unloading

Simply start the ResolutionKeeper . Switch off all options and click on OK. The ResolutionKeeper will be unloaded and can be deleted now.

Even you also want to delete the registry settings of the ResolutionKeeper, remove the appropriate key with Regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MR Software\ResolutionKeeper


Unloading the ResolutionKeeper

If you just want to unload the ResolutionKeeper for a short time, just start the ResolutionKeeper and click on Cancel. Depending on the current selected options a warning will pop up, that the screen resolution and positions of the symbols on your desktop can no longer be saved and restored. If you ignore this warning, the ResolutionKeeper will be unloaded. However if you selected "Reset settings to this values upon logon" the ResolutionKeeper is loaded again upon restarting the system and will restore all settings.


Program options

The three lower switches will be explained here in a short term:
  1. Reset settings to this values upon logon
    With this option, the ResolutionKeeper will register itself into the list of the programs that are launched upon each logon. Only the settings stored by the ResolutionKeeper are used. Settings of the screen settings made later via Windows are overruled by ResolutionKeeper upon a new logon.
    The ResolutionKeeper registers itself in the registry under the key
    No entry in the Autostart group is made.
    If this switch is not set the ResolutionKeeper will not be loaded upon a restart of your PC and not changed.
  2. Save and restore symbol positions of the desktop
    With this option you enable the ResolutionKeeper to save and restore the positions of your symbols on the desktop. The positions are saved whenever you log out use a fast user switch (only XP). Upon logging in again the desktop symbols are restored to the previous positions.
  3. Restore these settings upon fast user switch (only XP)
    If this option is selected, ResolutionKeeper will keep track of a fast user switch, which is possible with Windows XP . All users on a Windows XP PC can work with different screen resolutions with the help of ResolutionKeeper. On logon or a fast user switch the desired settings for this user are restored.

Note that the usage of the options 2 and 3 makes it necessary that ResolutionKeeper will stay in memory to keep track of all activities like logging out and a fast user switch. No performance loss results from ResolutionKeeper.


Important safety advice!

Please recognize that ResolutionKeeper uses only the screen resolutions and screen frequencies, which are presented by the installed drivers. Adjusting a too high screen frequency can damage your monitor. There is no warranty for damage caused by using ResolutionKeeper. Use of this program is on your own risk.
Please check all settings for monitor and graphic card before you apply and use them with ResolutionKeeper.

The program is delivered as it is. There is no guarantee or warranty in any form.

I am interested in any comment or further ideas.

Martin Richter

Copyright for the ResolutionKeeper by Martin Richter, 63571 Gelnhausen, Germany



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